Amakusa Shino is the president of Osai Academy's student council, from the 4koma manga Seitokai Yakuindomo.

While student council presidents in manga are known for generally being uptight no-fun-allowed sticks in the mud, Shino in fact spends a lot of time goofing off. She is intelligent, and able to act professional and diligent when necessary, but will quickly let her immature side back out at the first opportunity available.

The average reader will probably know her best for making dirty puns, these in fact making up a significant amount of the manga, but she becomes scared and flustered if put in an actual lewd situation: perhaps she's just amused by the taboo aspect.

Falling in love with her was not exactly love at first sight: I'm ashamed to say that it took rewatching her show at some point in mid-2012 for me to truly notice and develop feelings for her, and even then, several more months of these feelings gradually building up for it to truly sink in that I love her.

Together since 12th October, 2012